Modern Warfare (2 & 3) – a critique

The final installment of the Modern Warfare series was released almost SIX years ago now; back in November 2011! MW2 was released two years prior, in late 2009. Both had a lot to live up to with the magnificent story and multiplayer of CoD 4: Modern Warfare. But was it just a case of milking the cow dry, and getting as much out of the … Continue reading Modern Warfare (2 & 3) – a critique

Lie To Me*

Lie to me was an American TV show based off of the book Telling Lies by Paul Ekman (American Psychologist and pioneer in reading facial expressions). It follows the activities of the world’s leading deception and microexressions expert Dr. Cal Lightman (played by Tim Roth) and his business, The Lightman Group. Cal owns his business alongside partner/best friend Dr. Gillian Foster (played by Kelli Williams), … Continue reading Lie To Me*